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Delivering high end customer service to our esteemed clients in terms of managing the day-to-day operations, Service Level Deliverables and quality adherences with FCR (First Call Resolution) is our commitment on all 24x7 support functions.

Having the right attitude for acquiring new customers, recruiting executives who are tactful and talented, retaining the existing members with exceptional diligence and valuable customer satisfaction is the key to our business.

Precision and relevant planning to resolve the customers' query on the first ring is the key driving factor for our strong and unmatched hold in the industry.

Promyx offers a cost advantage benefit business through its outsourcing concept with no compromise on quality and deliverables. The very success of our business with our associate clients is determined by our unmatched domain expertise, know-how of the market trend and contribution from our professionals who have years of relevant experience.

Our state of the art facility in Bangalore, India, enables our professionals to have an edge over the others due to superior infrastructure and best of amenities to support the efficiency of the operations on a 24x7 service platform.

Strategic Goal
dot2To employ the best talent, empower them with the required knowledge, assess the training effectiveness and achieve the desired results on par       with the client specifications within the stipulated time frame.
Establish long-standing business relationships with corporate clients.        
Develop strong regional presence & expertise.
Industry specialization through High Level Domain Expertise.
Use of leading-edge technology to deliver world-class service standards.

We help you extend your business, round the clock, seven days a week. Toll-free numbers, local  phone service,  and full  web  connectivity  matched with intensively trained professional associates allow us to:
Implement and fulfill marketing campaign.
Provide you with a scalable, 24x7 presence to your target market.
Deliver technology and human resources as per your requirements.
Increase customer satisfaction for you to ensure ongoing revenues.
Manage time more efficiently.

Our focus areas        
Order Processing Telemarketing Credit Card Authorization
Help Desk Event Registration   Corporate Reception and Messaging
Call Overflow Handling Surveys and Polling Sweepstakes and Contests
Third Party Verification Dealer Location Debt Collection & Product Recall
Customer Service Catalog Sales    

Bureau Model Call Center Services:

Promyx provides highly economical and quality services to small and medium enterprises with our unique Bureau Model call center services. Mid market companies are benefited by this model in enjoying the benefits and backup of a large call center without having the overhead of the same. This is our unique value proposition that differentiates us from the rest of the service providers in this area. Promyx has a strategic alliance with one of the leading and established Call Center/Contact center service providers in UK.

Benefits of this Model:
Mid market companies can get the backup of large infrastructure without the burden of incurring the cost of the same using the unique bureau      services.
Message handling and proven inbound call mechanism.
Partnership with the Product leader in UK, thus can leverage the benefits of a world-class product.
Can be a ‘go to’ partner for large customers for test marketing and pilot offering – This is the value proposal for large customers in this model.
Large call centers can engage Promyx to handle the overflow calls during the peak hours, thus having a peaceful and uniform workload always.

Promyx Value Additions:
Promyx is part of the Tratum group, which has a successful 16 years track record of serving global enterprises of varying sizes.
Promyx has been providing Outsourcing Services to all Tratum global units for nearly 4 years and for various clients for more than a year.
Promyx contact center software is time tested, robust and with exceptional functionalities to provide the customers a detailed calls analysis and      other statistics.
We follow the same internal quality standards in call center operations as our alliance partner in UK. Though we are not certified, our internal      processes follow many of the COPC standards. Our parent company in US is CMM compliant and the Indian division is now ISO certified, but      embarking on the CMM Level 4 certification by the end of the year.
Proven customer-centric processes and procedures in successfully delivering BPO services.
Agile, dedicated team of experts for solving complex business problems with their management and domain excellence.
Flexible Execution Methodologies for our customers - Promyx can support you with a variety of execution models depending upon the type of      service required.
Dedicated and exclusive connectivity with firewall setup provides the much-needed security to ensure that data is in safe hands.
Promyx is well versed with the work culture of UK, USA and APAC region.
A small and dynamic global workforce, who have experience in established multinational call centers like AOL, to serve you at various touch points.


Our goal is to equip and polish aspiring call center professionals with the domain knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities necessary for successful performance on the job.  Our on-site call center training module, is a facilitator-led  training program for all CSRs including call center advisors, help desk operators and telemarketing/ tele-sales/ tele-web  operators.
The objective of the Training Module is to acquire and repeatedly practice basic and advanced service skills on how to:
Develop rapport, uncover needs, listen, clarify, explain, and delight customers. 
Deal with customer complaints, irate customers, negotiations and challenging situations. 
Achieve targets by adhering to the quality parameters. 
Master the art of business communication.
Handle cross-cultural issues while interacting with customers from across the globe.
Work in teams and build effective internal communication. 

With our training, CSRs acquire the ability to delight all customers in any situation.



You can be benefited from our substantial domain expertise in both financial accounting and accounting outsourcing - in addition to complete familiarity with the capabilities of the financial accounting package like Microsoft GreatPlains, Peachtree, Quick Books and Sage. Promyx is experienced in supporting it’s own Global Offices in the area of Financial Accounting for the last 4 years.

Promyx has devised definite methodology for setting up Accounts Outsourcing for your company.
The following phases are involved:

Phase I : Planning and Assessment

The following areas are considered under this phase:
Review current accounting procedures.
Payment process.
Journal entries.
Chart of account maintenance.
Purchasing process.
Fixed Assets recording.
Discuss current accounting process issues.
Discuss processing alternatives.
Discuss need for a revised chart of accounts.
Review report/inquiry needs.
Identify integration requirements with other systems.
Identify types of users.
Review current network and Internet connectivity.
Determine required application features.

Phase II : Changeover

During this phase, the following steps are undertaken:
Determine what and how historical data can be transferred.
Alternatives to the present processing flow.
Review changes to chart of accounts.
Define any custom reports.
Select processing options for cash disbursements and receipts.
Identify transaction to prototype.

Phase III : Pilot/ Prototype

During this phase all the processes are done parallel to the existing setup and the results are compared. All the processes are stabilized during this stage.
Setup prototype environment.
Test process flows.
Data Entries of Payments, Invoices and Receipts.
Report requests.
Other accounting transactions.
Review reports generated.
Verify chart of account design.
Define additional reporting needs.
Test integration with other systems.
Refine processes as necessary.

Phase IV : Going Live

This is the live phase, when all the accounting processes of the client are stabilized and maintained from Promyx India.
Finalize banking relationship.
Create necessary environment.
Create required database.
Load historical data.
Verify historical data.
Go Live.

Phase V : Ongoing Engagement

The client engagement is closely monitored and compared against the set objectives.
Relationship management.
Quality control.

From the very beginning, a good plan combined with metrics that your company and Promyx can agree upon will keep your accounting process outsourcing endeavor on track and working for you.



Strategic use of outsourcing can allow continued sales expansion with significantly lowered costs. Promyx has trained professionals specialized in gathering, analyzing and reporting information. As per the predefined requirements and objectives of the client, we conduct online research of the market and the sales prospects and provide detailed analysis and reports. Our experts collect and analyze customer data from their web sites and other research sites.

A customized template can be specifically designed for this purpose to encapsulate all the information in a single spreadsheet. Some of the important information captured can be:
Details about the prospects.
Financial Details.
Executive Profiles.
Latest News and Press releases.
Employment Opportunities.
Observations about latest technologies, partnerships, acquisitions and mergers.
Such other details that can act as value proposition to the client.

Based on these vital inputs, you can gain sharper marketing focus.

When you leverage our competency to provide you with the reports and analysis in the customized format, your sales team can concentrate on their goals with pinpoint precision. Our professionals are well versed with the market conditions of different regions across the globe. Your sales team will have more time at their disposal.

We also specialize in
Creating sales support materials.
Design and Printing of Company Brochure and Marketing. Materials, Business Cards.
Translation of Brochures.

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Support to Promyx:
Target prospective customers more effectively.
Find new growth and emerging market opportunities.
Geographic breakdown by both market segment and vertical industries.
Emerging markets-Data Segmentation.

Managing E-mail Campaigns

Promyx can help revolutionize the way you advertise and communicate with your customers. Our dedicated team can assist you with all aspects of e-mail marketing, including subscriber management, campaign creation, campaign reporting and message delivery. We cater to customers from a diverse range of industries, due to our ability to customize our content to meet individual customer needs.
We can help you:
Create and send newsletters, customized surveys, and questionnaires.
Gather demographics, interests, and other data from your subscribers.
Dramatically increase email campaign response rates and reduce churn.
Build customer Loyalty.



Promyx offers you the widest spectrum of services on design, development and maintenance of web sites. We have talented professionals, having expertise in the most advanced technologies and provide customized solutions to each client.

Our experts will help you to
Register a domain name.
Design, Develop and Maintain your website and e-store.
Submit your site to search engines.

Promyx offers services of experts well versed with current technologies in multimedia design, database, and interactive functionality. Our designs follow industry standards and guidelines, and ensure:
Intuitive user experience.
Crisp, professional looking graphics.
Fast page loading times.
Simple and consistent navigation.
Search engine ready.

Our professionals build robust, easy to use web-applications, thus giving your customers the functionality they deserve. We follow finely tuned web development methodologies that focus on user requirement and sound programming. We’re adept in building
Online directories utilizing databases such as Access, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server.
E-commerce Shopping Carts and Secure Payment Services.
Dynamic web pages.
Content management solutions for site maintenance.

We build:
B2B and B2C Portals.
Application Service Provider (ASP) Sites.
Corporate Web Sites.

Web site maintenance includes the following:
Update existing text/graphics.
Add/remove pages.
Liaison with your web hosting company.
Domain registration/support.
Fix site errors.
Search engine placement.

Website Design, Development and Maintenance Outsourcing- Pricing

Our maintenance services are available on a monthly retainer, by the hour or per project basis. Our flexible, prepaid retainer plans allow you to purchase a specified number of maintenance hours for your web site.